Why Shade Trees

Shade trees are tall trees with broad, leafy crowns (leaves and branches) that provide a wide array of benefits. Shade trees can grow to more than 50 feet tall when fully grown. You will find shade trees, such as oaks, maples and elms in the woods, backyards, and along urban streets.

A collection of many shade trees growing near each other form a tree canopy. These groups of trees, or canopy, provide a great deal more benefits than an individual tree. The tree canopy across Montgomery County is essential to our well-being and quality of life.

Tree Montgomery wants to plant shade trees and add to the tree canopy in your neighborhood!

Here are some great references that show how shade trees and tree canopy improve your life:

General Benefits

The Arbor Day Foundation has put together a comprehensive list of the benefits of trees with multiple links to research studies.

For even more benefits of trees, check out the Tree People’s list of 22 Benefits of Trees.

The US Forest Service published the Piedmont Community Tree Guide. This guide quantifies benefits and costs for small, medium, and large broadleaf trees and one coniferous tree in the Piedmont region (including Montgomery County).

Casey Trees and Davey Tree Expert Co. created the National Tree Benefit Calculator, a free online tool to estimate the real dollar value of some of the benefits provided by a tree in your neighborhood.

Health and Wellbeing Benefits

The US Forest Service published research on the link between trees and human health.

Energy Benefits

A free online tool, called iTree Design, allows you to estimate how much money a tree can save you by shading your home or business. It was developed through a cooperative initiative between six different organizations.