How it works

Tree Montgomery works hard to provide free shade trees through an easy, streamlined process.

Click through the steps below to learn how the program works.


Step 1 Sign up for Tree Montgomery!
Step 2 Schedule a Site Visit
Step 3 The Site Visit – We’ll tour your property with you
Step 4 Signing the Right of Access Agreement
Step 5 We Order Your Shade Trees and Schedule Your Plantings
Step 6 Planting Day
Step 7 Follow up Inspections by Tree Montgomery
Step 8 Caring for Your Shade Trees

Enjoy your new shade tree!

Tree Montgomery is a program of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. Every step of this process is conducted by Montgomery County employees or employees of County-approved contractors. At any time, you can ask for identification.

There are no long-term requirements or legal restrictions on the shade trees planted through Tree Montgomery, and the program is entirely free. If you would like additional trees, you can sign up again and we will be happy to repeat the process.